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Claim of Lien

When you need to file a Claim of Lien, Construction Notice™ will provide the completed form from the information furnished by entering online. Construction Notice™ also provide a courier service for recording your Claim of Lien with the county recorder.

What is a Claim of Lien?

Under Florida's Lien Law, an owner may be liable for payment if the contractor fails to pay his/her suppliers and subcontractors. That means that an owner may have to pay twice for the same work. A Claim of Lien is a validly recorded claim against the property for payment of the unpaid balance due. If the lienor successfully forecloses on the property, the property will be sold by judicial sale, and the lienor will be paid from the proceeds of sale. The filing of a Claim of Lien is specifically authorized by Florida Statute § 713.08.

Request for Claim of Lien

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