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Notice of Non-Payment

When you need to File a Claim against the bond to meet the requirements of Florida Statute 255.O5, we will assist you in filing your Notice of Non-Payment. With our help, these notices are filed within the statutory time limits in order to protect your rights and enable you to collect your money from the bonding company in a more timely fashion. Fees are 1.5% of the face amount of your Lien - $75 minimum, $300 maximum, plus costs (recording fees, courier charges and postage fees).

What is a Notice of Non-Payment

A Notice of Non-payment indicates that a potential lienor has an unpaid balance and helps to preserve the right to enforce a lien against the property if the potential lienor is not paid. If you receive a Notice of Non-Payment, you should not ignore it; to do so may result in your paying twice for the same work. If you receive a Notice of Non-Payment, you should consider consulting an attorney.

Request for Notice of Non-Payment

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