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Florida Notice to Owner

A Notice to Owner is a prerequisite to recording a Claim of Lien for material and/or labor supplied to real property within the State of Florida. Those who supplied material and/or labor—whether companies, or individuals, or anyone other than the owner—should file a Notice to Owner to establish their right to file a Claim of Lien. The time frame for sending out the Notice to Owner is no later than 45 days from the first day on the job/property. A search will be conducted on the property for proper ownership, legal description, and any documentation recorded showing the improvements being made to the subject property.

The single most important thing you can do to protect your money is to have Construction Notice™ file your Notice to Owner.

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What is a Notice to Owner?

A Notice to Owner informs the proper parties that a potential lienor will furnish, or already has furnished, materials, labor or other lienable items for the property to be improved. A Notice to Owner does not mean that a lien has been placed or filed against the property or that a contractor has failed to pay the company that has given the notice. It simply informs all parties or recipients that the company identified in the Notice to Owner is on a specific job, and provides a general description of the type of materials they are supplying or the type of work they will be performing. However, in order to preserve lien rights, the Notice to Owner must be served to the owner in a legally sufficient manner, no later than 45 days after the lienor commences to furnish labor and/or materials to the construction project job site. It is not uncommon for a property owner to receive several Notice to Owners for a single project.

Construction Notice™ will send the notice to the owner, general contractor and/or bonding company via certified mail with proof of delivery. In some cases where there is a Notice of Commencement filed with the public records department of the county where the property is, additional copies of the notice will be sent to others, such as lender, attorneys, etc.

Request for Notice to Owner

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